Help Us In Salt Lake City! Join us for an unparalleled workshop based on the groundbreaking book, “The Final Countdown: Crypto, Gold, Silver, and the People’s Last Stand Against Tyranny by CBDCs.” This isn’t just another financial literacy course. It’s a deep dive into the future of money, sovereignty, and how to battle digital authoritarianism. You will walk away from the event with cryptocurrency, gold, and silver in your physical possession.

“Prepare for total control of your economic life. That is the message from Brownstone Fellow Aaron Day at his 4-hour workshop in San Jose, California, where he outlined the threats posed by Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and offered practical tools for achieving economic freedom.”
Alan Lash, San Jose Workshop Attendee


Event Overview:
Join us for an engaging workshop with Aaron Day, author of “The Final Countdown.” This workshop will focus on the threats posed by Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and offer practical tools for achieving economic freedom.

Current Status:
We are in the process of organizing this event and do not yet have a confirmed date or location. We aim to garner enough support and sponsorship to finalize these details.

Venue Information:

  • Capacity: Minimum of 100 attendees
  • Requirements: Projector screen and microphone (Nice to have)
  • Venue Partner: We are seeking a partner to provide or sponsor the venue.

Sponsorship Opportunities:
We are looking for sponsors to support various aspects of the event. Your sponsorship will help us bring this important workshop to Salt Lake City and surrounding communities that will empower attendees with knowledge and tools for economic freedom.

Venue Partner:

Provide a venue that can accommodate at least 100 attendees or sponsor the cost of renting one.
Benefits: Prominent logo placement on event materials, mention in all promotions, and the opportunity to address the audience.

Refreshments Sponsor:

  • Provide or sponsor food and drinks for the attendees.
  • Benefits: Logo on event materials, mention in promotions.

Marketing Sponsor:

  • Help promote the event through your network.
  • Benefits: Discount for your members, logo on promotional materials.

Goldback Sponsor:

  • Provide or sponsor Goldbacks for each participant.
  • Benefits: Mention during the event, logo on materials.

Silver Sponsor:

  • Provide 1/5 oz silver rounds for attendees.
  • Benefits: Mention during the event, logo on materials.

Crypto Sponsor:

  • Fund $5 worth of Bitcoin Cash for each attendee.
  • Benefits: Mention during the event, logo on materials.

Event Benefits:
Attendees will leave with practical tools for resisting the move to CBDCs, including:

  • A crypto wallet set up on their phone with $5 in self-custody crypto.
  • A New Hampshire Goldback.
  • A Citizens for Sound Money 1/5 oz silver round.
  • A signed copy of Aaron Day’s book.

By supporting this event, sponsors will help empower individuals with the knowledge and tools to maintain their financial freedom in an increasingly controlled economic environment.

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Here’s what you’ll gain:


Futuristic Insight with Real-World Implications:

Experience a riveting narrative that brings to life a possible future under global technocracy. Understand the CBDC threat intertwined with Universal Basic Income (UBI), digital IDs, and social credit scores, and realize how these elements are not just fiction but emerging realities.



Uncover the Surveillance State:

Peel back the layers of global surveillance laws punishing freedom at the micro level. Learn how fiction mirrors the chilling truths of our world today. Decipher the Global Technocracy Agenda: Explore the origins, motives, and frighteningly well-organized efforts behind the push for a one-world government. Unmask the architects of control and their vision for our future.


Inside the CBDC Development:

Get an insider’s look at the advancement of CBDCs globally, with a focus on U.S. pilots and political moves suggesting a rollout before the next election cycle. Understand the implications for personal freedom and financial sovereignty.


The Dollar's Demise and the Fiat Failure:

Analyze the historical trajectory of fiat currencies towards inevitable collapse, and discover why the US dollar is no exception. Prepare for the future by understanding the past.


Cryptocurrency Demystified:

From blockchain basics to navigating the crypto market, learn how digital currencies offer a revolutionary alternative to traditional money. Get equipped to identify the few cryptos that could replace cash.


Navigating Regulatory Storms:

Understand the significant regulatory actions and crackdowns shaping the crypto landscape. Learn to secure your assets against governmental overreach.


The Truth About the Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs):

Explore the controversial case against Bitcoin ETFs and what it means for investors and the broader crypto ecosystem. Gold and Silver Unveiled: Journey through the history of precious metals as the original money. Learn about the risks, rewards, and scandals that have shaped the gold and silver markets.


Empowerment through Self-Custody:

Receive hands-on guidance to set up your crypto wallet, ensuring you leave with digital assets securely in your possession.


Mastering Precious Metals:

A comprehensive guide to acquiring, storing, and securing gold and silver, guaranteeing you leave with tangible wealth in hand. A Comparative Financial Framework: Equip yourself with a broad overview of crypto, gold, silver, fiat, and CBDCs. Make informed decisions with a comprehensive reference guide at your disposal.

Discover the Book

As technology surges forward, our world teeters on the precipice of a significant shift in global finance. The imminent threat? Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), which are government-controlled digital currencies that provide authorities with unparalleled power to surveil, control, and manipulate the financial existence of billions.

In “The Final Countdown: Crypto, Gold, Silver, and the People’s Last Stand Against Tyranny by Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs),” author and 2024 Presidential Candidate, Aaron Day, embarks on an urgent exploration of a global tyrannical crisis in the making. This is not merely a book; it’s a compelling call to action and a survival guide for the digital age.” The Final Countdown” navigates this chilling landscape, paralleling dystopian visions of a world dominated by CBDCs with disturbing realities in today’s societies. Through a series of riveting examples and eye-opening revelations, it unveils the ominous truth about fiat currency, mass surveillance, population control, and the erosion of personal freedom in our ever-digitizing world.

Yet, this book is not all about doom and gloom. It also illuminates the path to resistance, highlighting the critical role of decentralized cryptocurrencies, gold, and silver as potential lifelines in the battle against CBDC tyranny. It champions the cause of financial freedom and individual autonomy, empowering readers with the knowledge and tools they need to reclaim control over their financial future.

From tech enthusiasts to financial market players, to the average citizen concerned about their financial freedom and privacy, “The Final Countdown” is a critical read. It acts as a clarion call for awareness, resistance, and action in the face of a global shift that will fundamentally redefine our society and individual freedom. With practical guides on acquiring and safeguarding self-custody crypto, gold, and silver, this book offers a comprehensive strategy to withstand the potential onslaught of CBDC tyranny. Don’t miss out on this essential guide to understanding and surviving the emerging era of digital control.