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“The Aaron Day Show”  is a critical platform where Aaron Day addresses the impending threats of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and the urgent need for a shift towards self-custody digital assets. Drawing from his extensive background as a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist, Day illuminates the authoritarian potential of CBDCs to control financial transactions and personal freedoms. Through in-depth discussions, expert insights, and actionable strategies, this show empowers viewers to understand and counteract the rush towards digital authoritarianism before pivotal elections.

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DEFCON 1: Manhattan Project to Defeat CBDCs

We are currently experiencing a complete crackdown on crypto. Through Executive Order 14067, President Biden is taking a whole-of-government approach to regulating decentralized crypto out of existence. The DOJ, FBI, Treasury, CFTC, IRS, and others have been fully weaponized. Every US exchange is currently being sued. People like Ian Freeman and Roger Ver have been thrown in prison. Privacy coins and DeFi are under attack. Why? They need to shutoff all competition in order to roll out CBDCs. This is very close. To combat this, we need open-source, decentralized wallets and point-of-sale systems that can handle multiple cryptos, gold, and silver. We need a better, faster, cheaper alternative to CBDCs. In short, we need to unify now against CBDC tyranny. In this podcast, I will launch a plan to create a Manhattan Project for working on this solution. I am operating under the assumption that we might have less than 6 months to make this happen.


Guest Speaker

Anarchast |  Roger Ver Caged! Situation Report with Aaron Day

Anarchast | Roger Ver Caged! Situation Report with Aaron Day

Join us in this riveting YouTube interview with Aaron Day as we delve into the controversial arrest of Roger Ver, and explore Aaron's unique insights on the matter. We'll also discuss Aaron's research into Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). Get ready...