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Aaron R. Day is an experienced entrepreneur, investor, and advisor with a diverse background spanning nearly three decades in sectors like e-commerce, healthcare, blockchain, AI, and clean technology. He is currently a fellow at the Brownstone Insitute focused on enlightening people about the dangers of CBDCs and empowering them to take direct action to stop them. His political activism ignited in 2008 after his healthcare business suffered due to government regulations. Day has since been deeply involved in various political and non-profit organizations advocating for freedom and individual liberty. He has held significant roles in political organizations, including CEO of a non-profit think tank, Chairman of the Free State Project, and leadership positions in the Republican Liberty Caucus. His political journey includes running as an Independent for the US Senate and engaging in extensive political activism, highlighted by his opposition to Obamacare expansion. Day’s efforts have been recognized in major news outlets like Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and Fox News. He is a father of four and a grandfather, with an educational background from Duke University and Harvard UES. For the Liberty Forum of Silicon Valley, it’s notable that Day ran for President to highlight the dangers of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC). He is now dedicating 100% of his time to educating people about the perils of CBDC and conducting workshops to combat it. His campaign was built on principles of sovereignty, integrity in government, and prioritizing principles over people in the Republican Party.